Thursday, February 21, 2013


The  chagga craftsmen of today still carve utility products with nice decorations or figurine add - on, they also  carve products for interior wall decoration, games and toys for children etc.

carved container

Carved container
This containers can be used as sugar pots or  as container for 
storing small items such as jewelry.

Salt and pepper container


crocodile bowl

Rhino Tray

Cheetah tray



Chagga  Mask

Chagga  Mask ( wall decoration)

Carved Land Rover
 Carved VW Beetle


           Tourist  overland truck


Tractor Carved

Honda Motor bike

Decorated tray



Mboriko Bowl
decorated with elephant motif

 Giraffes Bowl

Mboriko Bowl
decorated with Leopard motif

Song of Kilimanjaro


Some of the scorching decoration used by the Chagga soft wood carvers.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chagga traditional Utillity Products

The Chagga people had their own utility products which were made by their crafts men who are scattered from one end to another of the land. Today i  want to show you some digital images of their products if not all. And give you a short brief of each product as we go along.

O n the  photo above we see some of the softwood products used  by Chagga of Uru. The wooden trays where used for serving cooked meat ( Chagga used to eat a lot of meat in the yester years).The stirrer and wooden spoon, used  for stirring food whilst cooking.

Mboriko or Kitela (wooden bowl)
Mboriko is widely used in Chaggaland for Porridge, Mtori, Kitawa, Kitalolo, Kiumbo etc,local  food varieties.


Kiuri (Mortar) they are made of different sizes. the smaller one  is used for pounding spices and medicinal herbs. Whilst the larger one for pounding food grains such as maize, millet etc to flour.

Kihondi  ( carved wooden container) are made of different sizes.  And are used for storing water,  keeping Mbege,Chagga local brew, washing coffee beans etc.

Wooden carved round drums were used for storing water or keeping Mbege, Chagga local brew.

Kata (calabash) is used for drinking local brew mbege, water and also as a filling utility for water from the stream into storage containers .  this is a simple one, some of them are nicely decorated using scorching technique.
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