Saturday, May 25, 2013

Batik Art Paintings

Mother and child
Batik card

Maasai Women
The Traditional Dancers
Fetching water

Batik Art Paintings this comprises of painting simple sketches on fabric material, using light dyes and gradually progress to darker dyes. After each application of dye, molten wax is used as the media of separating the colours. sometimes the molten wax applied, is purposely cracked in an artistic way so as to create as certain pattern  on application of dye of the following stage of  the painting.  On completion of the painting, Molten wax is removed physically using both hands in a rhythm way, like someone washing a piece of cloth. Finally the remains of wax, is removed by applying hot iron  on the painting which has been enclosed between newspaper bottom and above it. The realised painting quality, will depend  highly on the quality of material used and the ability of the artist.
In Kilimanjaro region we have several Chagga batik artist. Kerita and Sam Kashinde are amongst the prominent ones. They also conduct batik art classes for beginners.
You are most welcome to Sanaa Zetu for your batik art paintings.Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Maasai Couple
Fine Batik


The market
Abstract Batik