Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makonde People

Makonde tribe is found on the south East coast of Tanzania in Mtwara region. The Makonde people have a very rich culture.
And are famous world wide for their carvings carved in Ebony wood, their carvings can now be found in almost every country.

In the past makonde carvers carved as a hobby,
but now it has turned commercial. And they have establish workshops / stalls in almost all regions in Tanzania with touristic attractions, where they carve and sell their carvings. Tourist sometimes like to watch a Makonde carver at work and take some memorable photos. The Makonde people are also famous for their Tinga tinga paintings,  (As seen here below, one among many Makonde dancing masks) their traditional Ngoma dance.The Makonde people are very cool,polite and humble people but when provoked are people to reckon. The carvers carve decorative, utility  and utility / decorative products which can be used in our homes, offices hotels etc. At Sanaa Zetu you will have the opportunity of sourcing from our wide range of carved ebony products.And we can produce customer designed products.    
Makonde dancing mask
Makonde carver