Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kanga the mostly used clothing in Tanzania

commonly used kanga wrap at home

Attending Occasions
Attending Occasions

As a headscarf

 So you can imagine the total number of kangas in our homesteads. Kanga is sold as a pair called "Doti".

Guinea fowl (Kanga)
Guinea fowl feather

So let us look at what makes the kanga to be a so special clothing to our women folks.
Kanga is the Swahili name of bird called Guinea fowl. And that is where the clothing got its name.
Designers were inspired by the dotted patten on the Guinea fowl s feathers.
A kanga is rectangular in shape and measures 110cm by 150cm. It has brilliant print and a swahili saying on it, which is enclosed with a border all around it.
Kanga  production started in early 1950 s in India and China and brought to East African coast by trade merchants.So you see it was initially worn by coastal people and Zanzibar Island. And then spread inwards into the mainland as it grew in popularity. In the mid of 1960 s kanga production started in Tanzania.
When you are talking of its quality, it varies from country to country. As for Tanzanian Kangas is made from 100% of pure cotton cloth.

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