Sunday, June 2, 2013

ladies colourful beaded leather sandals

Ladies colourful beaded leather sandals are worn by most urban Tanzanian women as a casual wear. They like wearing the sandals because it make them stand out,look presentable and also easy to put on. The women when shopping for them they  always mix Kiswahili and English to describe what they are looking for. They go like this " Natafuta sandals za shanga" ( i am looking for beaded sandals)  or sometimes they ask " Una sandals za culture?"(do you have cultural sandals?)

Above sandal beads designs are just a few amongst the many designs we have at our shop. This sandals are also found in other shops and stalls  in the streets of Moshi Municipality. So here it  up to the needs of the customer if  she is looking for  cheap sandals but  poor quality or sandals money worth and good quality.  At Sanaa Zetu  we sell quality products and customer satisfaction is our motto. You are most welcome to visit our shop. Which is in Moshi,Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania.