Monday, June 3, 2013

The Maasai Blanket ''LUBEGA"

The Maasai  are amongst the few tribes in Tanzania who are still adhering to their culture. And their famous for that. This people are herders of cattle (nomads),  so they  move from one place to another in search of good pasture and water for their cattle. It is a tradition of Maasai men  to wear colourful outfit  known as "lubega" in Kiswahili or popularly known as Maasai blanket. This piece of cloth they just simply fling it around their bodies. And to hold it in place they use to tie it into a knot near the shoulder area, with belt  support  around their waist. The belt also carries the "sime" (Maasai sword) and a club. The Maasai warrior plait their hair in a very unique style of their own, also put on "lukaria",a special red soil all over their bodies. For a complete attire dress up they elongate the lobes of their ears by making big holes on them, carry a shield, a spear and put on sandals made from old used car tyres. When fully dressed up they attract a lot of attention to passer by. Tourist love to take a photograph with them. Now a days we see man from other tribes also flinging the Maasai blanket around their bodies to keep them warm during cold season.
The Maasai cuture is very rich, to write about it, you are talking of writting a book of many pages.

Maasai wariors getting organised just before perfoming their traditional
Maasai dance

People from other tribes wearing Maasai attire

The Maasai blanket is available in a wide variety of colour mix. Below  you can see some of the varieties. The blanket can also be used as a table cloth, curtain,  car cushions, sofa upholstery etc.

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