Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recycled Costume Earings

Women especially the young ones move with the fashion trends so in their wardrobes they have a wide variety of dresses to suit  various occasions. And  also posses jewelry to match with the dresses they have. Now real jewelry is very expensive for most of the young ladies to afford so their other option is to resort to costume Jewelry. Which can be worn in most occasions.
Today I will show you some digital images of  costume earrings made from recycled tin coming from bottle tops, beer and soft drinks cans. This type of earrings are ideal for fun fare occasions.
 Made from Kilimanjaro beer bottle tops

Made from Cocacola bottle tops

Made from beer can with Leopard motif design

Made from beer can with Tingatinga birds motif design

Made from beer can with Tingatinga bird motif design

Made from beer can with Zebra motif design

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recycled Tin Cars

In  Tanzania we have craftsmen who make tin cars from recycled tin containers. There is a group in Chalinze and two groups of Chagga craftsmen in Kilimanjaro. The craftsmen in Chalinze Have  specialised on making tourist Land Rovers with an open rooftop. And they paint their cars with  Tingatinga art on them together with some nice Swahili words. The Chagga craftsmen are capable of making any type of car whose all doors can be opened including the boot of the car.they also paint  the cars in colours which are similar to those of real cars. Today i have digital images of the Chalinze Tin Cars.And some of the cars made  Chagga craftsmen. The tin cars can be used as toys for children or a decorative product in a home. in my update in the near future you will see more cars made by the Chagga craftsmen.
"Hakuna Matata" There is no problem

here we have:- vitara ,Land Rover short chasis & Scania Truck
(made by Chagga craftsmen)
And here we have:- Porsche, Suzuki pick up, suzuki, Incar Fiat Truck, Incar Fiat Loader,Land Rover  long chasis & Leyland Albion Bus ( made by Chagga Craftsmen)

"Jambo Rafiki" How are you my friend

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