Friday, January 25, 2013


Sanaa Zetu (Our Arts And Crafts).
Was founded by a prominent East African  in the early 1970 s  born Artist + Mr. Elimo Njau . He was also the Director of Kibo Art Gallery of Marangu, Kilimanjaro, Chemchem Art centre in Arusha and Paa ya Paa Gallery in Nairobi Kenya. In the showroom he used to display mostly indegeneous Arts and Crafts, of the people living under the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro the Chaggas. Chagga soft wood carvers in the past used to carve utility products for use in homes. They carved Mboriko ( bowls), Kiwiri ( stirrer), Kihondi ( wooden drum) ......etc. They also used scorching to decorate their products.
When plastics utilities came into the scene, the carvers lost business and a lot of them indulged in other types of work to sustain themselves. With the new era the few carvers left behind, started making statues, wooden toy cars, decorative masks for wall hanging and assorted souvernirs for sell to tourist. We have also few  indegenous craftsmen who used clay, bamboo, Gourds, reeds materials.... etc to make their products.

In early 1980 s the business changed hands, And it was taken over by Three Ladies Ms Eliamhoo Ndesamburo Matari, Mrs Hambasia Nkella Maeda and Mrs. Nsiana Nathan Njau. they changed business name and called it Kibo Curio. They later formed a company called Kibo Curio Industries Ltd. Nature of business was the same as prior them taking over, but with added collections of products coming from other parts of the country. Also the softwood carvers were assited in developing new products and techniques.

                    Kibo Curio Logo

In late 1999 the Company share holders decided to  dissolve it. Property and shares divided.

In year 2000 Paul Siairuka Njau took over the business and changed back to the  old name Sanaa Zetu. And he has been its director todate.

+ Mr. Elimo Njau trully inspired the Njaus clan in the art world. So we have come out with active artists in the Familly. We have + Mr. Charles Ainainyi Njau in Stolkhom Sweden, + Ms. Hana Okolo Njau,USA. + Mr. Julius Ainainyi Njau, Japan.We  have also several dormant artists in the familly behind the scene.