Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today i would like to  talk about the Cow horn. cow horn as depicted from the name it is a substance which is hard as a bone,with properties similar to those of finger nails. The tip of the horn is conical in shape,and in most cases horns coming from the same cow  are alike.  The cow use the horns to defend itself from its enemies.

In the past cow horn had many uses, to name a few, it was used   as a drinking container, a media for sucking poison from a snake bite,a musical instrument, a trumpet, handle for tools.... etc.

In recent times craftsmen took advantage of the properties of the cow horn, by designing and producing a wide variety of products.

 horn as a musical instrument

 C ow horn Hair pins

cow horn bangles

Cow horn  rings

Cow horn earings

Cow horn key holders

Cow horn soap dish

Cow horn salt and pepper container

At Sanaa Zetu we have some of the cow horn products, we also make products as per customers request. And we have also a wide variety of other products in stock.
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